A Millenial Engineer’s Guide To The Role of Mining In Society

Mining as a process is arguably one of two key foundations of modern society — the other one being agriculture.The same way we get crops and meat from agriculture, we get raw materials needed to create a whole range of products that we use from mining. Even during the stone age, people have been collecting stones and sharpening them to make various tools and weapons. Today, our demand for stones, metals, and other mined materials is higher than before due to the technologies we use — cars, computers, appliances, cell phones, houses, you name it. Virtually everything we use today need raw materials from mining — either as their components or as components of the machines that are used to make them.

Beyond this, mining can contribute to social development and development of science and technology, while mitigating its environmental impacts. Many modern mining operations contribute to national economies, community development, and environmental enhancement. Satisfying the needs of communities, following local and national regulations, while implementing environmental programs to mitigate and even improve the environment are the hallmarks of what is called “responsible mining.” Science and technology benefits from mining as well. This is because the challenges encountered in mining operations encourage creative thinking in order to come up with innovative solutions. Mining also opens up opportunities for more detailed study of the Earth especially the crust. These solutions can spill over to other industries and aspects of our lives. Society depends on mining on plenty of things.

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On the Manicani Issue

Lately, facebook posts regarding the issue on Manicani Island, have been spreading throughout the news feed. Needless to say these posts have not discussed some important things as to why this is the current situation on the Island. What’s alarming is that these posts call on for action without even further discussing the matter at […]