How Shotton Mine Combined Mining and Art

How Shotton Mine Combined Mining and Art

In the coal-rich county of Northumberland, North East England, reclines one of the largest human sculptures in the world – Northumberlandia.

Northumberlandia is a park of grassy undulating hills and swirling walkways. It somehow resembles the Chocolate Hills and the Rice Terraces of the Philippines. When viewed from afar or from a vantage point, the park transforms into a colossal figure of a reclining woman who seems to enjoy the day as much as the tourists do. It really is a rare masterpiece to behold. It’s also a park worth visiting to contemplate the puniness of human existence or about the differences in people’s worldviews, if you want to go all philosophical about it.

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Your toothpaste contains minerals.

Some components used to make toothpaste come from these minerals: fluorite (left), limestone (middle), and bauxite (right).

Did you know that whenever you’re using toothpaste, you’re effectively rubbing pieces of the earth on your teeth?

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